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The idea that spurred Logbook Stories was our first project, The Keweenaw Logbook Podcast. The Keweenaw Logbook was born over two cups of coffee at a cafe in Calumet. Two people with a love of the outdoors, design, and storytelling started the project and it has branched off from there. Now having evolved away from the podcast, Logbook Stories is run by Haley Goodreau. Living in the Keweenaw Peninsula, she tries to find new ways to explore the natural beauty that the area provides and loves to dive into and observe the ways that culture intersects with the natural world.

Now that you know a bit more about our story of how the project came to be, we're excited to share stories with you.

We're crafting stories to share with the Upper Peninsula community and outdoor/nature lovers. Whether you're a hardcore endurance athlete, a birdwatcher, or someone who loves to take a casual hike every once and awhile – being in nature has a way of inspiring awe. At Logbook Stories, we believe there's a fine line between roughing it in the northern country and living a simple and beautiful life. We'll show you the folks that walk that line every day and share their stories with you in various creative formats. 

Haley really enjoys creating art and sharing stories in collaboration with other storytellers. Making meaningful connections with community is what she's all about. Sharing stories with Logbook Stories has been a vessel for her to do that! 

Feel free to send her a message on Instagram or LinkedIn– she loves connecting with new and like-minded people about creative endeavors over coffee. Learn a bit more about Haley's creative work here.

Haley Goodreau - @halesgoodreau, Connect on LinkedIn

If it wasn't for Kate and Haley getting coffee together in Calumet, The Logbook's first project, Keweenaw Logbook Podcast, would have never came to life. The first six episodes of the Keweenaw Logbook Podcast were with Kate + Haley as the main hosts. Kate moved away from the area, therefore taking a step back from the project, but her vision and dedication added a dimension that can not go unmentioned. 

We love you, Kate! 

Kate Thayer - @sweetkatato

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