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Introducing The Keweenaw Logbook Podcast

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We have learned that there is no time like the present which is why we started the Keweenaw Logbook podcast series. Our hope for the podcast is to bring attention to the badass people living in the Keweenaw area and to help with raising funds for the startup costs of the Keweenaw Logbook Publication. Looking for a way to support the podcast? Listen and subscribe here or consider donating to keep the stories coming your way.

We want to feature individuals that lean into the environment, whether for work or for play, in all of the elements. The end product of these projects will be a working anthology of the people and places of the Keweenaw that encompass all the qualities that make this area of the world so special.

Want to be interviewed or know someone who would be a good fit?

We're always on the hunt for great stories + even greater people. If you are reading this and believe there is something that you think would be worth us covering don't hesitate to reach out! We love to meet new people and want to hear what you think would be great for us to feature on the podcast.

Want to be interviewed or know someone who would be a good fit?

Reach out to us at


We greatly appreciate any help with funding to assist with publication + podcasting expenses, so if this project inspires you consider donating through our Paypal!

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