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Ep. 001 // Rooted in Community with North Harvest CSA

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Today Haley + Kate met with Ashley at North Harvest CSA. We discussed everything from making delicious sourdough to the importance of supporting local businesses.

Our interview experience with Ashley TenHarmsel was truly a blast and a half. Before the podcast interview neither one of us (Kate or Haley) had met the TenHarmsel's. We're driving down the icy winter road about five minutes outside of Calumet, Michigan counting down the driveways on the left to make sure we were stopping at the right house. After picking up a coffee for the three of us from Keweenaw Coffee Works, we recieved a text from Ashley saying, "Don't park too close to the house because we have a trench we had to dig out in our driveway. Park by the tractor." At this point, Kate and I new that it was going to be a good interview. Whenever a tractor is brought up that early in a conversation, that's when you know it's going to be a good one.

"Whenever a tractor is brought up that early in a conversation, that's when you know it's going to be a good one."

After we parked near the tractor, one of our three mascots (our dogs), hopped out of the car to get the lay of the land. Ashley came out of the house and welcomed us warmly and graciously while explaining the trench in the frozen ground situation. Turns out they had just purchased brewing equipment and there wasn't enough power making it to their garage to keep the equipment running. Jake TenHarmsel had to dig into the frozen ground to find the buried power to see where there was a disturbance in the electricity. In order to do this in the middle of January, Jake had to create a bonfire around where the ground was frozen to thaw out the dirt so he can dig down (typical Keweenaw stuff, it's no big deal).

Your home says it all

Isn't it odd how when you walk into someones home you can get to know them so much more in depth? This is what happened at the TenHarmsel's. Hanging on the entry way into the kitchen were bright crispy red dehydrated peppers displaying themselves just like a relaxed garland. Hanging plants, quirky dinosaur artwork, and cozy wood textures filled the living room and kitchen.

Visit North Harvest CSA's website here!

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